Power of ERP for SMEs

The need for efficiency, productivity and real-time information for decision making is universal. More so for small and medium enterprises where the entrepreneur desires close control of all tasks and functions. With both the resources – time and money – being limited, it would be prudent to invest in an ERP that automates tasks, monitors deviations and provides updates round the clock.

CHURN ERP includes five modules covering all the core functions of any business – Accounting, Production, Inventory, Payroll & CRM. With extensive features including Module & Transaction Builders, CHURN ERP is designed as a ready-to-use application that can meet most of your current and evolving needs. However, should you need, it can also be customized to suit your unique requirements.

CHURN ACCOUNTING is a complete accounting module fully integrated with the business process. Not only does it faultlessly record income & expenditure, it also ensures every element in the “revenue contributing chain” is robust so no potential revenue is lost nor any unwanted expenditure incurred. CHURN ACCOUNTING is designed to serve your business. Not just a function. Know more
Inventory is but cash in stock. Unsold inventory or unplanned raw materials only eat in to the bottomline. Churn Inventory ERP is a comprehensive stock and warehouse management module that tracks real-time inventory status across warehouses to ensure products are sourced and produced on a just-in-time basis. Neither too early nor too late. This helps not only in managing cash flows better by controlling wastage and excess stocking but also in reaching the products to the market on time.Know more
Entrepreneurs are very aware that the first impact and direct impact on cash flow and bottom line is only on account of faulty production planning. Add to that the challenges of growing SKU numbers and a hyper-competitive market. The robust and feature rich Churn Production ERP module can simplify the complex processes in the production chain. From production planning, process scheduling, material procurement and the last mile in business – faster time to market.Know more
Where an application can do the job faster, better & cheaper, take the smarter route. Choose CHURN PAYROLL ERP, a complete payroll module that covers everything in payroll management. It handles all areas related to an employee’s entitlement in the organization – both financial and non-financial. It also has cross-functional skills in personal tax computation and statutory payments like PF, ESI etc, which ensures faultless compliance with government regulations.Know more
CHURN CRM is a cutting-edge CRM application that helps companies maximize their marketing ROI by managing all aspects of lead management from awareness building and customer acquisition to customer retention. It is designed to serve the needs of the business owner, marketing head and sales / relationship executive.Know more

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device ERP

  • Access your company data, real time all the time with Churn Web-based ERP.
  • Rich dashboard feature gives you a quick, daily update on key business areas
  • Comes with special features like module & transaction builder
  • Fast & hassle-free customisation

Ease of Support. Peace of Mind

  • Service-at-your premise option
  • Seamless migration from other software
  • Training of customer staff on implementation
  • Integration with other ERP Modules

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